About us

LovleeGD is a Gifts & Accessories Co., founded with one simple goal: to provide amazing products that bring a simple yet long-lasting joy to many lives.

From Vintage and Antique to Rare and Unique and everything in between, we diligently search for those premium items and products that will perfectly serve and enhance the lifestyles of many. 💞

We focus on quality and customer satisfaction because buying online should not be an overwhelming task, it should be fun and exciting and something to look forward to, especially when you know that package is on its way. 🚚✈


We're so confident you'll love your purchase that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't like something you bought? Tell us about it, and we'll be happy to issue a full refund.

Since we began, we kept a few beliefs in mind and we remember them always:💕💕

  • We believe that life is fun and that the simple things enhance our lives, bringing us a sense of joy and fulfillment that allows us to dream bigger and succeed!
  • We believe that Imagination is Everything - it is the coming attractions of our life that are unseen by others in that moment of time. For example: "This computer I type on now was once a thought non-existent to all except in the mind of someone's imagination" :)
  • Failing is not a bad thing. We learn faster by doing than just reading alone. Doing teaches us how to fail, how to learn from it and how to succeed in producing the lifestyle we truly desire. Lovlee Gifts & Designs always fails "forward"!😜

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Happy shopping! 😉