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How Lovlee Gifts & Designs got started...

I went from my hobby of handcrafting my own items to selling them for extra income. However, what started off as one thing inadvertently, took a turn in a different direction.

In the midst of selling some of my handmade items, I found myself cleaning out my own family estates which brought back many wonderful memories. Unfortunately, keeping everything was not an option but discarding them wasn't one either...being emotionally attached and undecided on what to do, they sat in storage for over a decade.

Finally, the decision was made to make these items available for sale and hoping people would love and appreciate them as much as my loved ones once did. To my surprise selling these items was a success. I felt a weight lifted and a sense of peace come over me knowing that these items were not discarded or sent to the landfill. I was able to clear the hoard of memorabilia from my home without guilt while finding peace in knowing they have a new home.

I always enjoyed purchasing other people's items at garage sales, whether it be for personal use, restoring, repurposing, or reselling. I didn't give much thought to selling OUR family items. The memories and emotions attached to these items made it unthinkable at one time. I later realized that our loved ones would not want their treasured items wasting away in some stuffy containers for years on end and I certainly appreciated eliminating the clutter in my home that served no one. During this transition, I met many new people who shared their views and stories which gave me a new perspective going forward.

Today, I sell full-time and find myself purchasing other rare, unique, and collectible items to resell and/or keep for myself. I too, get to appreciate and love what someone else once did.
To me, Vintage and Antique items tell a story of someone else's life, and what better way to honor them than to give their treasured pieces a new home and a new story.😊


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